High Energy Physics (Haluk DENİZLİ)

Medium Energy Physics: Meson production with 4pi CLAS Detector at JLAB
Radiation Hardness: Simulations (GEANT4, Spenvis,CREME86,..), and tests done in Catania and TAEK
High Energy Neutrinos; new way of detecting tau neutrino TAUWER,Simulations done with Corsika,
Beam Diagnostics and Dynamics; Radiation Detectors; based on slicon strips.. TERRADEX
Beam Monitoring with Slicon Strip Detectors

Semiconductors, solar cell and dedectors (Ercan YILMAZ)  

High Energy Physics (Nurettin KARAGÖZ)

Thermal Phase Transitions (Hüseyin KARAÇALI)

High Tc Superconductivity, Rolling, Transport Measurement, Magnetic Measurement (İbrahim BELENLİ)

MgB2, BiSrCaCuO, YBaCuO bulk and films by RF and DC sputter, artificial holes and dots by Electron beam and Laser beam Litography, Transport and Magnetic measurements (Ahmet VARİLCİ)

Heavy fermions, Magnetic materials, The structural, transport, magnetic and mechanical properties of superconductivity, investigation of doped superconductors (Cabir TERZİOĞLU)

Type-I, Type-2 superconductors, High critical temperature superconductors, Molecular dynamic studies, Low temperature physics, Technique of galvanomagnetic ve magnetization measurements 

- Computational Condensed Matter Physics : Density functional theory, electronical and lattice dynamical calculations from first principles. -Strongly correlated electron systems. -Quantum Entanglement, quantum information and quantum computing. -Econophysics. (Resul ERYİĞİT)


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